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Street Parking Solutions (SPS) provides parking management solutions to both the on-street and off-street parking sectors. Our unique combination of people, processes and technology enables us to craft the perfect solutions for your requirements. Click on the read more buttons below to learn more about our unique 'PPT' technology.


The leadership team at SPS has experience in the field of: management consulting (internationally and locally), industrial relations and project management. 

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Street Parking Solutions is the only ISO 9001 Quality management certified parking company in South Africa.

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SPS is the first parking management company in Africa, and one of the few in the world to install and maintain a real-time parking management sensor system in a major CBD (Cape Town).

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There is more to parking than one might think. There are many reasons why parking has become a world-renowned industry over the past decade.

As cities, economies and populations grow, the demands of the people, retailers and commuters who occupy them grow too. Parking can no longer be viewed as an expense, but rather an opportunity cost.


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Street Parking Solutions strives to deliver the best possible service to motorists. Motorist input provides us with valuable insight that in turn helps us provide you with the most professional parking service available. This website enables motorists to provide SPS with complaints, compliments and queries of parking marshals working within SPS’s managed areas in South Africa. 

Please complete the form below and describe the incident that occurred. Please be clear and precise to ensure satisfaction upon reply. 

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